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Ph: 0400 403 282

Ph: 1800 457 181

  • Press 1 for Accounts
  • Press 2 for Crookwell 2
  • Press 3 for Crookwell 3
  • Press 4 for Berrybank 1 & Berrybank 2
  • Press 5 for Darlington & Paling Yards
  • Press 6 for Hawkesdale & Ryan Corner
  • Press 7 for Glenellen
  • Press 8 for Bundaberg
  • Press 9 for Cunderdin

Site Office: 578 Padgetts Road, Wallinduc VIC 3351

Canberra Office: Suite A, Level 3, 73 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra ACT 2601

Our Community Engagement Officer, Benn Remington will be located on site Monday – Thursday 8am to 4pm to discuss any issues, suggestions and community information you might have.

Berrybank Wind Farm site office is located at 578 Padgetts Lane, Wallinduc, VIC 3351

Feedback and complaints

Global Power Generation invites and welcomes your feedback and complaints. We are committed to ensuring that any complaints we receive are handled in a way that is responsive, fair and courteous and that respects the privacy of the person making the complaint. Please either submit your feedback on the right or alternatively lodge a formal complaint with the attached form via the email above

If you wish to proceed with making a complaint to the Office of the Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner please visit

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