Federation University Australia has formally launched its Foundation Annual (scholarship) Appeal, with an announcement that Global Power Generation Australia (GPG Australia) will deliver new scholarships worth $575,000 over five years.

This new scholarship program is one of the initiatives included in the Community Engagement and Benefit Sharing Plan associated with the Berrybank 1 Wind Farm, located in the State of Victoria.

The agreement recently signed with its Australian company, GPG Australia, will let the Federation University to implement the GPG Scholarship Fund. The company will be providing $115,000 per year to support:

  • Renewable energy projects for students attending Federation Tech School;
  • Secondary school projects within the Ballarat Tech School;
  • Courses across both TAFE and Higher Education with a direct relationship to workforce demands in the renewable energy sector;
  • Scholarships for University´s students;
  • Training equipment renewal.

GPG Australia is willing to support Federation University in the long term with the commitment to extend this agreement in successive stages for a total term of fifteen years.

The scholarships to begin next year will support students to train using contemporary equipment such as laser alignment tools, diagnostic tools and working at height safety equipment.

To be eligible, students from Federation will need to be enrolled in Higher Education or TAFE courses that have a direct relationship to workforce demands. When possible, priority will be given to female, indigenous and/or low economic profile students in order to facilitate their incorporation to the renewable energy sector.

Shaq Mohajerani, Head of Development APAC, attended the Foundation Annual Appeal event on behalf of GPG Australia, encouraging other companies in the sector to also support educational institutions as Federation University as well as local students in the region to ask for the scholarships that will be provided by the GPG Scholarship Fund.

Federation Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global and Engagement) Carolyn Chong said the new scholarships are a significant and welcome addition to the Foundation scholarship program.

Ms Chong said Federation is transforming lives through its Foundation Annual Appeal, which encourages donations from the community, alumni, and business.

In partnership with generous donors, Federation has awarded 194 Foundation scholarships in 2022 across its campuses totalling more than $540,000.

The Foundation scholarships give students the chance to succeed in their studies without the stress of financial pressure, helping to cover costs including textbooks, petrol, groceries, and technology.

Federation student Jeremey Gunning is amongst this year’s recipients. He was awarded the Collier Charitable Fund Scholarship, (valued at $2,000). It is available to students who have been homeless within the past five years.

Quotes attributable to Federation University Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global and Engagement) Carolyn Chong

“These scholarships are a fantastic addition to the Foundation scholarship program. They will provide essential funding to 13 students annually who are interested in the renewable energy sector.”

“The scholarships will prioritise female students, indigenous students and students facing financial hardship.”

Quotes attributable to Federation University Pro Vice-Chancellor (Vocational Education and Training) and CEO TAFE, Liam Sloan

“These scholarships change lives. They give students financial assistance to overcome stress or hardship that stops them from commencing or completing their studies.”

“Everyone benefits from these scholarship programs, students, industry and the broader community, as our students are able to contribute through their careers.”

Quotes attributable to Shaq Mohajerani, Head of Development APAC, GPG Australia

“GPG Australia is fully committed to continue supporting the education in the region through this long-term scholarship program, that will provide funding for supporting a variety of renewable energy projects and courses at different educational levels, as well as for training equipment renewal.”

“Australia needs to invest in the training of future professionals that the renewable energy sector will require to appropriately face the Clean Energy Transition.”

Quotes attributable to Federation student and scholarship recipient, Jeremey Gunning

“The scholarship allowed me to embark on this journey with a smile on my face.”
“$2000 means different things to different people. This meant I could buy a computer, book and afford to have the internet to study.”

“I never thought I’d be a student again, but this has given me that opportunity.”